Old And Gray Live !

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Old And Gray Live !

So much dancing for such a tiny little party animal !

When Others Sing .

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Im having so much fun working on my next album . I have 8 songs that i think are coming along pretty well , but they’re all instrumental at this point . I’ve decided to not sing on this next album and I’ve been sending each song to a different friend , and even started sending some of the instrumental songs to some of my favorite singers of all time .

Picturesque Moments

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Picturesque Meowments.

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A lot has happened in the last couple of months. I started a kickstarter, finished an album, raised 400 bucks, designed the art for Picturesque Moments, recorded an album for Joey Trum (the bassist from the Monarchs), got a new job and recorded a four song EP with Ty Mayer. We’re called Make Forget and If you’d like an album, simply send me enough stamps to mail you a copy. 

In any case, I realized that Old and Gray hasn’t released an actual CD since Souls Worth Saving. That was like 5 years ago. So, with the money raised on kickstarter, I’ll be pressing 100 cd’s in the very near future. The whole experience was so much fun. I’m very happy with the album and REALLY want to get a band together to bring the songs into all the shitty little venues the bay area has to offer.

Picturesque Moments

I wish . . .

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The best I can do is say that I’m still working on a new album. Perhaps I’ll end up using it to try to recruit band mates . But I say that every time I’m about to release an album . smiles . 

I think about why it’s so hard for me to start a band a lot . I’m overly picky and I don’t try hard enough. I haven’t played a show in 10 months and I feel kinda sick about it . I’ve done tons of music stuff in that time , mostly in a circular kind of way though . I ended up writing a bunch and re writing and loosing songs and rebuilding them . 

To be honest and positive though , I did make one small step towards building a band . Jeff Halley and I started a little thing called Verser . We had a drummer for about a month and then he quit . smiles . I guess we’ll be looking for another drummer .


Here is a list of gifts* I’m looking for :

  • A drummer for a new project I’m doing called Verser (demos soon)
  • A second drummer for a new project I’m doing called Verser (demos soon)
  • A guitarist for Old And Gray
  • A second guitar player for Old And Gray
  • A drummer for Old And Gray
  • A sound person / effects controller for Old And Gray
  • A keyboard player for Old And Gray
  • A bassist for Old And Gray 




Band Idea.

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I had an idea for a band today. Actually, it was an idea for two bands.

I want to start 2 bands.
Band A and band B.

  • band A writes the songs for band B
  • and band B writes the songs for band A

The bands would play together every show. They would either transition into each others sets perfectly OR they would play with performance artists between their sets.

They would play a show a month and release 2 albums a year for at least 2 years.

It happened in a steam room .

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i walked through the door and couldn’t see passed my own nose.
it smelled sour. like lemony men.
i sat and stretched and watched as tiny bodies of water formed all over my body.
im not exactly sure how it happened, but the pools gathered , and somehow figured out a way to tun upwards through space and into my nose.
burning my lips and nostrils .

my eyes acclimated to the fog and i noticed a man laying on his back , on the side of the room .
he was moaning freely , and when i asked his if he was okay he informed me that PG&E rear ended him while he was on his chopper . i told him it smelled like money and some blurry hunching figure in the corner laughed. he continued to let me know while leaving the room that it would take more then that put get rid of him , at one point he had even taken a bullet through the cheek .

but he’s still kicking and moaning .